Crystal Crown Awards Eligibility


  • Overall Top 20; must compete in 3 of 4 rides

  • Seniors Top 2 (ages 65  & over); must compete in 2 of 4 rides

  • Juniors Top 2 (ages 13-17); must compete in 2 of 4 rides

  • Youth Top 2 (ages 12 & under); must compete in 2 of 4 rides

  • Novice Rider (competed in 3 or fewer JPRs as of 4/1/2019); must compete in 2 of 4 rides


*If Seniors, Juniors, Youths, and Novices wish to compete in Overall Top 20, they must compete in 3 of 4 rides.


*If a rider qualifies as Novice in the first ride they participate in, then they are considered Novice for the remaining rides.


*Age is determined as of the first JPR the rider participates in, then the rider is considered that age for the remaining rides.


  • A rider must compete on the same horse/mule for 3 of 4 rides to be eligible for year-end awards.

  • Once the rider meets the eligibility requirements as stated above, the lowest ride score will be dropped.

  • For each ride in which a participant signs up, pays, and rides, said rider/horse team will awarded an additional 5 points.  To have considered as having ridden the ride, the participant must attempt at least one obstacle at the ride.  Said points will be added to the post-season cumulative score versus the final score for each JPR.  This equates to the rider having the ability to earn an additional 20 year-end points if she/he attends all four (4) rides and rides the same horse. 

  • Ties will be resolved by determining who has the most 10's, and then who has the most 9's, etc.


Crystal Crown Year -End Awards


  • Monogrammed/personalized horse blanket and personalized decorative plate for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion.

  • Personalized decorative plate for top 20 high-scoring riders and top two from Seniors, Juniors (13 to 17), Youths (12 and under) and Novice Rider.

  • Note: It is possible that a Youth, Junior, Senior, or Novice Rider may be awarded in both "Overall Top 20" as well as the Youth, Junior, Senior or Novice divisions.


Crystal Crown Awards Brunch


  • A brunch will be held in January 2020 to celebrate the end of the 2019 ride season. Here is the link for the brunch: Crystal Crown 2019 Brunch Flyer.

  • The Top 10 Riders, Youths, Juniors, Seniors and Novice will receive a complimentary brunch.

  • Crystal Crown 2020 Judged Pleasure Ride Flyer for the 2020 Ride Season will be posted the day after the brunch.