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Crystal Crown Awards Eligibility
      (Based on 6 Participating Rides)

  • Riders must compete on the same horse/mule for the appropriate number of rides to be eligible for year-end awards. If a rider qualifies on two different horses/mules, only the highest scoring pair will be eligible for year-end awards.

  • Overall Top 20 (Open to all); Must compete in 5 of 6 scheduled rides.

  • Seniors Top 2 (Age 65  & over); must compete in 4 of 6 rides.

  • Junior Top 2 (Age 13-17); must compete in 3 of 6 rides.

  • Youth Top 2 (Age 12 & under); must compete in 3 of 6 rides.

  • Novice* Rider Top 2;  must compete in 4 of 6 rides.

  • Novice* Horse/Mule Top 2;  must compete in 4 of 6 rides.

    • Novice* = Competed in 3 or fewer JPRs as of the first ride participated in. Must be the same horse or mule/rider combination in each ride participated in.

  • Riders may be eligible for more than one division provided they meet the requirements of each division they place in.

    • If Seniors, Juniors, Youths, and Novice wish to compete in Overall Top 20, they must compete in 5 of the 6 rides.

    • If a rider and horse/mule qualifies as Novice in the first ride they participate in, then they are considered Novice for the remaining rides. For purposes here, JPRs are not limited to the Crystal Crown JPRs but other similar events as well.

    • Age is determined as of the first JPR the rider participates in, then the rider is considered that age for the remaining rides.  


Year-End Scoring/Final Rider Placement:

  • The Final Year-End Score will be made up of two parts: ride score and participation points.

    • The Overall score will consist of the top/highest 5 ride scores.​

    • The Senior and Novice Division winners will consist of the top/highest 4 ride scores.

    • The Junior and Youth Division winners will consist of the top/highest 3 ride scores. 

    • The participation points part will consist of an additional 5 points for each ride the horse/mule and rider participated in.

  • Placing will be based on top scores from the required number of rides for each division plus the additional participation points.

Year-End Scoring/Final Rider Placement - Continued:

  • If a horse/mule and rider combination participates in more than the required number of rides, only the highest scores from the required number of rides will be used for the series results. (For example, 5 rides are required, 6 rides are participated in, only the the top 5 scores will be count or, another way, the lowest score will be dropped.)

  • For each ride participated in, the horse/mule and rider team will be awarded an additional 5 participation points. These points will be added to the post-season cumulative score verses the final score for each JPR. This equates to the participant having the ability to earn an additional 30 points for year-end results if he/she attends all six (6) rides and rides the same horse/mule.

    • To be considered as having participated a ride, the participant ​must register, pay appropriate ride fees, show up with their  horse/mule, and attempt at least one obstacle.

  • Ties will be resolved by determining who has the most 10's, and then who has the most 9s, etc. These will be taken from the rides used in determining the ride score. Dropped scores will not be included in the tie-breaking counts.​

  • Riders competing for the Senior, Junior, Youth or Novice Divisions may only place once in each division but may place in more than one division provided they meet the qualifications.

Annual Year -End Awards


  • Monogrammed/personalized horse blanket/cooler (or other award requested by the winner if approved by the CC Committee) and personalized decorative plates for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. Personalized decorative plates for top 20 overall high-scoring riders and top two from each of the following divisions: Seniors (65 & over), Juniors (13 to 17), Youths (12 and under),  Novice Rider and Novice Horse/Mule.

  • Note: It is possible that a Youth, Junior, Senior, and/or Novice Rider and Novice Horse/Mule may also qualify for the "Overall Top 20" as well as Youth, Junior, Senior and/or Novice divisions.

End of Season Awards and Awards Presentation Ceremony


  • Year-end awards will be presented at the end of the series.  Information on the ceremony will be communicated later in the year.

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