General Rules

  • All participating organizations will conduct their own ride with their own rules and awards, Except for agreed upon rules as determined by the Crystal Crown Committee.

  • Each ride should have 10 obstacles worth 10 points each. If a ride wants to have more than 10 obstacles or vary the points from 10 possible points per obstacle, please consult the Crystal Crown Committee as this has implications on end of season tie breakers.

  • Each horse/mule and rider team is scored on each obstacle, usually on a 10-point scale with "10" being a perfect score. Each organization has a 100 point maximum that can be earned toward the year-end results.

  • All breeds are welcome to participate and compete.

  • The decision to allow stallions is made by the hosting organization.

  • Participants under 18 years old MUST wear helmets and be accompanied by a rider 18 years of age or older. For other riders, the decision is up to the hosting organization.

Crystal Crown Series Rules

  • If an organization elects to have a raised obstacle/jump, it will not exceed 18". The rider will be given the option to walk or trot, but there is no expectation for the horse to have all four feet off the ground at one time.


  • Riders will be given their score, if requested, at each obstacle.


  • If a rider has competed in 3 JPRs or less as of the first Crystal Crown ride, he/she will be classified as a Novice for the duration of the series. This Novice Rider Division will also be included in the year-end awards for qualifying riders. Please note: the same rider must compete on the same horse/mule in order to qualify.


  • Any act of unsportsmanlike conduct, whether verbal or physical, toward judges, event volunteers, other participants, or any horse will result in loss of points and may be grounds for immediate disqualification from the competition. If disqualification occurs, the rider shall forfeit all entry fees, and must immediately leave the premises. 

  • The Crystal Crown Committee and all of the CC participating clubs continually strive to make the rides and obstacles as fun, challenging and natural as possible while also ensuring for the safety of both rider and equine.  To that end, we have and will continue to welcome, appreciate and value all constructive comments put forth from our riders, judges, and all involved volunteers.  Input can be provided to ride officials as well to members of the Crystal Crown Committee (member contact information is available on our website). 

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