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About the Crystal Crown Series


The Crystal Crown Series Judged Pleasure Rides (JPRs) are not about speed, but instead, showcase the partnership between horse and rider. Individual riders or groups can ride together over the course which covers 6-10 miles, depending on the venue, and consists of a minimum of 10 natural or man-made obstacles at intervals along the trail. Judges at each obstacle score the horse and rider on their ability to negotiate the obstacle safely, trail manners, general horsemanship, and the ability to complete the obstacle within the prescribed time (normally 60 seconds). The rider/horse team is scored on each obstacle, usually on a 10-point scale with a "10" being a perfect score. Each JPR has a 100 point maximum that can be earned toward year-end results. 

Unlike other events, points are awarded solely on the merit of the partnership between horse and rider. Clothing, tack, pedigree, etc. are not considered by our judges and volunteers.

While the series is competitive by nature, our emphasis is on building relationships with our horses and other riders within the JPR community. We want our riders to walk away with a huge smile saying, “Wow, I didn’t know my horse could do that!” Ribbon or not, fun is our definition of a successful event.


The Crystal Crown Committee and all of the CC participating clubs continually strive to make the rides and obstacles as fun, challenging and natural as possible while also ensuring for the safety of both rider and equine.  To that end, we have and will continue to welcome, appreciate and value all constructive comments put forth from our riders, judges, and all involved volunteers.  Input can be provided to ride officials as well to members of the Crystal Crown Committee (member contact information is available on our website). 


The Schedule page lists the Crystal Crown Series rides for the 2023 season. 

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